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Daniel Asa Rose:



Annie Dillard


Washington Post Book World –cover article

Living in the Virginia mountains in a 12’ x 16’ wood cabin (“when I first moved in it seemed so large I wondered, ‘what am I going to do with all this space?’”), Annie Dillard granted an exclusive in-depth phone interview about her new novel, “The Maytrees,” concerning a trio of lovers who live bohemian lives on the dunes at the end of Cape Cod.  She munched on cherry slices (“glorified gum drops to which I’m addicted”) while Carolina Wrens chirped in the background...read more

David Grossman 


an e--mail conversation with the great Israeli novelist

In 2010, four years after he lost his son Uri in the invasion of Lebanon, Israeli writer David Grossman utilized his grief to create the deepest yet most soaring kind of novel.  To the End of the Land was also a commercial success, selling more than 100,000 copies in a land of seven million. But the grief was far from extinguished, and Mr. Grossman has just published a new novella-length book - Falling Out of Time - that uses a minimum of words and plot lines to dig even deeper, using archetypal characters with names like The Walking Man, the Midwife...read more

Interview with Norman Mailer


published in Washington Post Book World, with an extra at end in New York Magazine

For my generation of writers, Norman Mailer is the ultimate father figure.  We have been measuring ourselves against the sweep of his brilliance – for it must be conceded that even his lesser books have the sweep of brilliance – our whole adult lives.  He is the giant who dared giant leaps and, sometimes, giant pratfalls. Thus my drive to his brick house on the very end of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Mass. had the excitement and dread of a pilgrimage.  Beside me on the passenger seat, the author photo on his latest novel, “The Castle in the Forest,” drilled into me with a father’s intensity – equally admonishing and exhortatory...read more

Frank McCourt


published in New York Magazine


Frank McCourt is a charmer, so it’s a shock to learn what a nasty case of social discomfort he suffered as a young man. But his third memoir, Teacher Man, reveals the painful extent of his alienation—and the solace he found teaching for 30 years (12,000 students!) in the public schools of New York. Along the way, he polished his narrative skills, as well as what could be one of the best pickup lines of all time, which he discloses here to Daniel Asa Rose of New York...read more

Yoram Kaniuk


a visit to his home in Tel Aviv 


 “1948” is an astounding document, brilliant and scandalous and brave without trying to be brave.  It is the story of how the Israeli writer-painter Yoram Kaniuk volunteered to put himself in the thick of battle after battle in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence: weeping for the fellow soldiers he was shooting with, weeping for the enemy soldiers he was shooting at, rejoicing at life, grieving at life, getting seriously wounded, volunteering yet again, and in the meantime lusting, shyly, for just about every woman who crossed his path...read more