How I Found Myself in China With my Black-Sheep Cousin and his Mail-Order Bride, Skirting the Law to Get Him a Transplant and Save His Life


published by Morrow


A real-life story that uses humor to tackle a dead serious topic. “Along the way to finding a mail-order bride, falling in love with an alien country and saving Larry’s life, the duo experience extreme culture shock, flirt with espionage and discover unimaginable qualities in each other. Rose’s rhythms and comic timing, particularly in dialog with his cousin, will keep readers laughing throughout..." Publishers Weekly (starred review).  


Listed as one of the TOP NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR by Publishers WeeklyLARRY’S KIDNEY has been optioned to be a major motion picture directed by Richard (“Boyhood”) Linklater.  

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A Father and His Sons Retrace Their Family’s Escape From the Holocaust


published by Simon & Schuster


"In this bold and innovative memoir, part travel narrative, part spiritual quest, Daniel Asa Rose describes the remarkable journey in which he and his two young sons retraced their relatives' escape from Antwerp during the Second World War and also embraced, with ample amounts of wit and irreverence, the Jewish heritage that had pained and mystified him. In the wake of his divorce, Rose searches for something that will repair the damage done to his splintered family. He and the boys need to be connected to..." 


“Unquestionably among the finest works of literature about the fate of European Jews during and after World War II” -Robert Brustein

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published by St. Martin’s


Includes short stories published in The New Yorker, Partisan Review, Southern Review, North American Review, et al. Boston Globe: “Like good champagne, this book is consumed easily but packs an unexpectedly profound punch.” Chicago Tribune: “What sets Mr. Rose apart is the poetry.  Know him by his metaphors.” Kirkus: “These stories, touching the nerve that lies just below the surface of love, tick with energy ... wise and mournful and bleakly comical.” Publishers Weekly: “Finely crafted and freshly imagined, these insightful tales linger in the mind.”

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published  by St. Martin’s 


A New York Times New and Noteworthy Book, FLIPPING FOR IT is a darkly funny novel about divorce written from the man’s point of view. If you've ever wondered whether fathers grapple with the same heartrbreak mothers do during a breakup, this novel will leave no doubt.  Publishers Weekly: “[Written] straight from his heart, which must be perilously close to his funny bone ...  an acute kind of humor never far from tears.” West Coast Review of Books: “Filled with rare wit and expertise, reminiscent of the cynical charm of Mark Twain and Woody Allen.” The New York Times: “astonishing and delightful …  written with freshness, humor, and great openness of heart.”  

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(Daniel has also ghostwritten five books he’d love to crow about but is sworn to secrecy ….)